Divine Educators

 We…. No not just “WE” as in deaf people but people of Disabilities, and I mean all disabilities. People some say that we are special people which we require special needs. Which I agree with, I like for all of us to open our eyes to a bigger picture. We aren’t just special or someone with just a disability and will make life hard for either us or the people around us. Disable people are here to educate, we are divine because of our uniqueness, we are consider lightworkers or earth angles. We are educators for larger picture, we are sent here to earth to educate. People of disabilities educate people from the day we are born until the day we die, some become disable later in life or continue to having growing disabilities. So not all disabilities are born as we come out of our mothers wombs. Our lives are about lessons, about educating and reshaping our paths and help leading journeys rather it is good or bad.


In our society, our earth and humanity most and many people see disability as a bad thing or a dark thing or a negative forced into the unnatural and different. Forcing one into an uncharted territory or into the unknown. Often forcing a change, forcing a belief of something to be broken down so the new set of thoughts and beliefs can be welcomed. Forcing you to learn and to be educated and to educate those around you..

What do I mean by all this crazy talk “Divine Educators”? Let me give you a small example. I was at the store standing in a very long line. I was up next in line, and the cashier machine didn’t not show its number on the screen since it was not working. It verbally called out and I didn’t hear it. The lady behind me walked in front of me and went to the cashier. I was pretty upset about her cutting in front of me after a long wait. Anyways the next cashier waved at me to come. So when passed the lady I told her it was rude and mean of you to cut in front of me. She said that I ignored her and so she cut in front of me.. I replied back to her did it accrued to you that I am deaf and I began signing to her as well. She appeared to be surprised and taken back; so that means I educated her, I gave her a piece of knowledge. Now its up to her to figure out what she wants to do with that knowledge.

More of intense situation: My best friend has a two year old little girl who she found out has autism. Like many people they take it as negative news. They either feel they are doomed, stuck, screwed or ask why do they or their kids deserve this. As she did she felt that her daughters life was pretty much over because of her newly discovered disability. Her life is just beginning and she is going to be their greatest teacher they will have. Along with having me in their lives..

Again, entering into the unknown or uncharted territories is not and are not consider bad or negative thing. I believe people are forced without preparation so they can become greater and better advocates for those who aren’t like the “Normal” and for those who have a disability to help better and teach the world around us. Look up some of the famous disable people, and you can see how they have help and reshape and define our world in some kind of way positive and negative. We are in the presence or apart of the past for a reason, like the say there is a reason for everything. We may or may not see that reason right now, or in front of us. That is why I call us Divine Educators.